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A very warm welcome to all family, friends, art lovers and fans of the fun and vibrant work of Marla Fry! 

These are the first days of the re-launch of Marla's website. As many of you know, in April of 2012, we tragically lost the bright, loving life of Marla Fry. After nearly ten years of painting, she was truly finding her own artistic voice while preparing for the upcoming art season. At the time of her death, she left us close to one hundred original pieces of amazing art that elicit love, joy and wonderment.  

In the year and a half since her loss, we her family, David, Anna and Maisy Fry, have incorporated the marla fry art foundation or mfaf (lower case letters are in keeping with Marla's signature on the art she created) to commemorate her life and help her legacy continue to impact the world at large. We have had each piece photographed in such a way so that we are able to place Marla's images on any product and make her presence very much felt in the world in which we live.      

The mission of the marla fry art foundation is to increase the availability of artistic beauty through the purchase/sale of art, public entertainment, community based art initiatives, education or therapeutic endeavors. The way we wish to accomplish this mission is through donations and through the sales of products that highlight Marla's unmistakably fun images. This website is the first on-line opportunity for you to help us in our mission and treat yourself or friends to one-of-a-kind products that you cannot find anywhere else.  

Anna, Maisy and myself will be granting financial gifts to established and studying artists to help ensure that more artistic beauty is finding it's way to us all. Please help us in our mission by purchasing a product or making a donation from this website. Also, please continue to consider mfaf for your future gift giving needs and visit us to learn about upcoming events and grant making activities.

Many thanks to you all! 

David, Anna and Maisy Fry